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Our Guarantee:
All our maps and prints are Originals. They are NOT modern reproductions or electronic copies.
Dates are offered as honest opinions of the age of the item, taken from printed evidence where available or estimated from reference works and from our experience of printing and papers.

Item Condition Strengthening of centre folds and minor marginal tears that have been repaired and that do not affect the printed area, may not be mentioned in the Description.

Images Every image is of the actual sale item. Images are a guide to the item but have limitations and tend to exaggerate blemishes and give a tone to white paper. All maps have adequate margins unless noted in the descriptions.

Colouring If an item has been hand coloured, the description will say so; otherwise the colouring is printed. Original colouring means believed coloured at the time of issue. Old colour indicates that the colouring is not modern but the date is unknown. Hand coloured means that it has probably been coloured recently.

Dimensions Map size relates to the printed area, not the paper size. Sizes for prints and ephemera however refer to the overall paper dimensions.

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