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All our maps and prints are Originals, NOT modern reproductions or electronic copies and the image shown is the item for sale. Now all our maps have thumbnails as well as larger images so finding what you want is quicker.

Size given is of the printed area. All maps have adequate margins unless noted in the descriptions. Images are a guide but tend to exaggerate any blemishes and may make white paper look shaded. I endeavour to mention any significant damage but strengthening of centre folds and minor marginal tears that have been repaired and that do not affect the printed area, may not be mentioned in the Description.

Dates are offered as honest opinions of the age of the item, taken from printed evidence where available. If not, the date is estimated from reference works and from the printing and the paper. If a map is hand coloured, the description will say so; otherwise the colouring is printed.

Postage will be added to the PayPal cart before you move to checkout. I keep it to a minimum. PayPal will accept your credit or debit card. If you want to pay by cheque, please see the Buying pages.

If you want several items, email me for a discount!

Email: don@theoldmapman.com

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