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There are 4 items in category Southern Africa on this page.

Cape Colony, Natal, &c
William Collins
c1875 - 23 x 30 cm

Coloured map of the region which mainly shows Cape Colony with lesser detail of Transvaal, Orange Free State, etc. Great Namaqualand and the Kalahari desert are fairly deserted!

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Ref AF83 : £12

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South Africa
A K & G H Johnston
1904 - 33 x 21 cm

Coloured map of German South West Africa, Bechuanaland, the Transvaal and Portuguese East Africa, through the Orange Free State, Zululand & Basutoland to the regularised provinces and Divisions of Cape Colony. It also shows the rail network.

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Ref AF78 : £12

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South Africa
G W Bacon
1907 - 47 x 32 cm

Large coloured map from just North of the Limpopo River. Large inset of further North to cover more of Rhodesia and Portuguese East Africa. Other Inset of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Port Natal.

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Ref AF88 : £12

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South African Republic. Verso: French Central Sudan
W & A K Johnston
1897 - 20 x 27 cm

Orange Free State to the Rhodesian border. Verso: French Central Sudan, Togo to Cameroons. Two images available.

Larger image 1 :  Larger Image 2 
Ref AF25 : £8

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There are 4 items in category Southern Africa on this page.

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